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In radio-speak, Static may be best described as a fork of the stalwart AAA (Adult Album Alternative) format incorporated by numerous successful radio stations nationwide. This brand centers its attention on an upwardly mobile Adult 25-54 demographic with keen artistic sensibilities and a genuine desire to better their communities. Static's listeners are tech-savvy, plugged in to key social issues and cross racial and political boundaries. Primarily comprised of key Millenial and Gen-X tastemakers, Static's audience is driven by creative integrity, moved by compelling content, and driven by a sincere desire to effect change.

The format features a vast library of genres rarely heard together on American radio, incorporating critically acclaimed works from heritage artists while introducing audiences to new titles that will soon be dominating their socials. Compiled and scheduled by skilled U.S. Music Directors with direction from world musicologists (yes, we took this seriously), and vetted by extensive auditorium and perceptual testing, Static offers a unique listening experience designed for music fans spanning a wide spectrum of musical tastes.

Static accomplishes its goal of being a newcomer friendly platform for music discovery while keeping its credibility in tact among more passionate music fans. Take a live listen to the format right now.

Kudzu offers broadcasters a new way to capture the most sizable radio audience available in 2024: U.S. Country music fans. 51% of Americans listen to Country music with a great majority of those listeners being sought-after Millenial tastemakers. However, Kudzu represents a long overdue chart split for American Mainstream Country Radio. Whereas the vast majority of U.S. markets host at least one Country formatted radio property few, if any at all, focus their attention on the very active Alt-Country/Americana community. This is somewhat puzzling given the clear nationwide popularity of acclaimed artists like Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile, Tyler Childers and numerous others. Kudzu resolves this issue by providing these artists a home of their own on American radio.

Named for "the vine that ate the South", Kudzu has received widespread praise from progressive Country music fans and artists throughout the U.S. Incorporating not only contemporary alt-Country produced outside the confines of Nashville, Kudzu also features titles from the genre's legendary innovators like Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton. Kudzu can easily compliment existing Country sisters or it might represent a bold adversary from an upstart versus a market's existing Country power player. Many clients also utilize Kudzu to lockdown a reputable, digital Americana presence.

In the office, we jokingly refer to Kudzu as "Country Music for People Who Don't Like Country Music", but it's actually kinda accurate. Take a listen to Kudzu on the air now and let us know what you think.

Those who have written about the death of Rock radio might have spoken too soon. Introducing Aggro; a riff-driven monster of a format designed for Men 18-34, inspired by the resurgence of hard rock and metal's popularity among Gen-Z young adults. As you might expect, Aggro is a world away from present Active and Mainstream Rock alternatives. In addition to honoring the works of Rock titans like Sabbath, Deep Purple, Zeppelin and AC/DC, Aggro explores the genre throughout its evolution incorporating all manner of Metal's vast sub-genres in its library. With Aggro, Classic Rock lives alongside Thrash, Hardcore, Power Metal, Punk and more. It's all presented in a palatable, meticulously researched and scheduled library featuring contributions from Rock and Heavy Metal's most esteemed artists, personalities and behind-the-scenes industry weasels.

Aggro welcomes worldwide contributors keenly attuned to the notoriously fickle tastes of Rock music fans. Younger listeners crave the unpredictability and exciting pace of Rock radio with a decidedly modern approach. Aggro delivers with its unique presentation, designed by some of the U.S. radio industry's most celebrated creative services talents (whom we happily allowed to 'just go play'). We believe that Aggro proudly announces that Rock radio is most certainly not to be counted out, and the data speaks volumes.

Venture with caution! For the brave among us, enter the world of Aggro here. Warning: FRACKIN' LOUD!

Slack! is designed as the next significant format in the radio industry's Classic Hits space. Gen-X Adults represent more than half of the U.S. population in 2024 and occupy the older end of the desirable 25-54 demographic. However, much of the music that defined this generation has no presence on American radio. This is particularly unusual considering how influential the music has been on American culture. The birth of Hip-Hop, Grunge and Alternative Rock, the development of electronic genres and even the "hairband" sub-genre of Rock all occurred as Gen-X came of age.

This results in particularly dynamic and exciting brand of "oldies" radio that presents a remarkable contemporary audio scape for listeners. Nostalgic for sure, Slack! makes it a point not only to relish in its accomplishments, but also to simultaneously critique and re-examine its history. This early adopting, tech savvy generation would have it no other way.

Slack! represents an opportunity to super-serve a mature target while never sounding out of step. Take a listen to a live, linear stream of Slack! right here.

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