Partner With Us

We offer multiple solutions for the media broadcast industry.

  • We're A Commercial Broadcast Group

    Static Multimedia Network provides successful format opportunities in select North American markets. Talk to us about affiliating with seamless network programming customized for your frequency, and designed by your community.  

    For commercial stations, we also provide a full suite of programming and operations consulting services as well as transitional tools for properties migrating to digital platforms. 

  • We're A Public Broadcast Organization

    Static Multimedia Network is utilized by numerous educational, tribal, and community radio stations throughout the U.S. and Canada. We offer customized 24/7 feeds for AM/FM/LPFM stations and Digital properties. We also provide digital and immersive opportunities as well as curriculum consultation services.

    Numerous student content-creation initiatives as well as unique fundraising opportunities are likely available for your station. All of our services for non-com broadcasters are, of course, provided with strict adherence to all federal funding requirements and offered at a discount to our grassroots partners and educational institutions. Static is fluent in nonprofit.

  • We're a VR/AR/AI Immersive Playout Provider or Programming Service

    Static Multimedia Network is especially interested in partnerships with new content creation platforms as well as the creators utilizing them. One of the tennants of our organization is to push audio entertainment forward and we're always developing exciting new content for our growing list of affiliates. If you have a concept that might benefit our network, be sure to include Static in your next conversation.

  • We're An Advertising Agency

    Static Multimedia Network has received accolades for our innovation in the new world of geo-targeting audio advertising. Utilizing our ever-expanding network of audio delivery platforms, narrowcasting to specific demographics enables small business owners to better integrate the power of radio with more effective ad spends. Let us make sure that all Static properties are included when you cast your next programmatic net.

    Be a small business hero. Be indie. We are IAB Tech Lab members and you can find Static at Targetspot, MediaMath, The Trade Desk, Adobe Advertising, AudioGO, Criteo, Triton, AdRoll, Amobee, Meta, and more. 

  • We're A Community

    We love to help community organizations spread the word about their town, their neighborhood, or their club. Static Multimedia Network has assisted clients to build stand-alone AM/FM/LPFM stations from the ground up. As more organizations move operations online, we've helped groups successfully navigate the transition. And, indeed...we've accomplished both at once. 

    Talk to us about the opportunities that might be available in your area. We offer enterprise and individual solutions for groups of all sizes. Before launching your project alone, talk with the broadcast industry professionals at Static Multimedia Network, and ensure that you create a successful endeavor.

  • We're A Label, Artist Agency or Trade Publication

    EPKs and Artist-Direct submissions may be sent HERE . Format charts and weekly adds are available upon request and accessible to music industry professionals via Luminate and Mediabase. Press inquiries, on-air interview requests, talent fan-mail, etc. should be forwarded to the appropriate department

Are You With Us?

If you have an idea or need our help, we're standing by. Reach out and let's discuss how Static Multimedia Network can work with you! 

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