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Static Multimedia Network provides a wide range of services for the broadcast industry. Serving commercial, community, and educational organizations, Static provides programming and operations capabilities streamlining linear and on-demand media platforms. Our unique network of locally-focused affiliates through the U.S. and Canada utilizes next-generation geo-targeted ad delivery for clients across several traditional and new digital mediums. Focused on emerging technologies for content creation and delivery, Static Multimedia Network incubates the development of innovative spaces for artificial intelligence, virtual/immersive experiences, and augmented reality for the broadcast industry.

Our formats were designed by award-winning, nationally successful programming veterans, and offer a unique vision for radio's future as a music discovery platform and/or as an enduring source for responsible journalism. Our formats are thoroughly researched, tested, and utilized by leaders in American media. That said, we believe that the future of radio and audio-centric content is dependent on its evolution in a new, more competitive landscape. Therefore, our formats strive to be game-changers and taste-makers in their respective genres. The era of template formatting for radio is no more. 

Let's Work Together

If your community group, business, or nonprofit organization is interested in sponsoring an affiliate for your market, we'd like to hear from you. We work with civic, educational, and commercial enterprises to serve their respective communities with reliable, local information matched with unique, contemporary entertainment options. We consider affiliates with broadcast experience to be ideal candidates in this space but also welcome inquiries from those interested in pursuing careers in content creation across all mediums. Our clients include established C-Suite broadcast corporations, tech start-ups, educational institutions, small businesses, and grassroots broadcasters. Static Multimedia Network brings an extensive understanding of each sector's unique needs concerning content, licensing, revenue generation, and service goals.

What We Do

As technology has shaped an ever-expanding multiverse of entertainment options for consumers, this presents exciting opportunities for niche targets, expanding the already significant reach of current media offerings available. While there will always be room for a Top 40 or Classic Rock property in most radio markets, there now also exists the ability to serve viable audiences for previously underserved communities, thereby providing underwriters with new opportunities to reach specific targets. Static Multimedia Network resolves this issue for broadcasters by providing turnkey programming that functions independently, allowing local teams to secure more local and regional agency revenue. Static provides feeds for both commercial and non-com stations incorporating content into their current AM/FM/LPFM/SW broadcast operations.


Exceptional Audiences

For small businesses, Static offers an unparalleled network of upwardly mobile markets replete with forward-thinking consumers seeking new and innovative content, eager to support both community institutions and emerging upstarts. Static Multimedia Network serves clients broadcasting via OTA/AM/FM/HD/LPFM as well as Digital, Satellite, Cable, and VR/AR MetaWorlds. Partnered with all major Programmatic DSPs including AdsWizz, Azerion, Static Multimedia Network offers the ability for clients to geo-target specific demographics for outreach. This, coupled with the network's 'everywhere at once' strategy of accessing listeners across multiple devices and platforms, ranks among the nation's most successful ROI protocols.  


Real Engagement

If, for example, your agency strives to connect with a specific target (i.e. "BIPOC Female listeners between the ages of 18 and 34 that live on the north side of Athens, Georgia"), Static Multimedia Network's geo-targeted formats allow clients to do just that. By reaching only connected audience members likely to respond to your message, buyers not only enjoy a more positive conversion ratio but also solicit more goodwill from consumers, specifically because their content is not considered intrusive as it is relevant to their selected interest. This satisfies audiences, ensures a more cost-effective ad spend for underwriters, and never increases operational costs for broadcasters.


Protect Your Brand

OTA/AM/FM/HD/LPFM affiliates may enlist the network to complete programming schedules. Static Multimedia Network is frequently utilized by broadcasters during otherwise unoccupied hours to ensure live, 24/7 operations. A stable internet connection is all that is required to receive our high-definition audio service. Every feed provided by the network is uniquely designed for its market. In other words, a Static affiliate in another market is not being sent the same feed as your station, making the transition between local and national programming seamless for consumers and enabling affiliates to customize local delivery. Our team collaborates with yours and, in turn, creates something uniquely branded for your community.


Power To The People

For non-commercial affiliates, Static Multimedia Network offers landmark fundraising opportunities previously not available to non-com license holders. With Static, your local organization can raise funds nationwide either alongside other SMN affiliates or by using our stand-alone tools at your disposal anytime. Public and community stations can maximize their support like never before working collectively to accomplish their goals.

A Reliable Partner

Static Multimedia Network is home to one of the broadcast industry's most robust online networks boasting 21+ years of 100% uptime, ensuring rapid global connectivity. We are live 24/7 with rigorous engineering standards and Tier 1 Transit partners. Super-low latency maximizes performance by shifting workloads closer to the users, customers, and endpoints, ensuring that you remain on the air often regardless of local conditions. As you would expect, our online infrastructure is quite huge. Our formats may be enlisted as primary programming or deployed as side channels available via HD, Satellite, or Digital delivery. Static is an independent network designed to be flexible.


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